Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit
Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit
Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit
Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit
Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit

Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit

Dried Flower Vase Pottery Kit

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  • Craft three flower vases to display your locally grown dried flower bouquet
  • Great for either one or two people
  • Step by step guide and video tutorials included
  • A perfect gift to share
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A beautiful pottery and dried flower arranging kit - craft three flower vases to display your vibrant dried flower bouquet. Includes step-by-step instructions to make three rustic bottle vases for the flowers to be displayed in. 

This kit is one of the most rewarding pottery experiences to get you started. Leave your vases to dry naturally and then apply paint and varnish or leave unvarnished for a lovely rustic finish. 

Everything you need to create the three vases shown, including the flowers.

- 2kg Premium Air-Dry Clay
- Dried Flower Bouquet
- Dried Flower Vase Pottery & Flower Arranging Guide
- 20 Piece Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide
- Pottery Carving, Shaping and Cutting Tools + Tool Bag
- White Acrylic Eggshell Paint
- Waterproof Gloss or Matte Varnish
- 2 Ultra-Fine Bristle Paintbrushes
- Potter's Sponge for Smoothing

We use a premium air-drying clay that is soft, supple, easy to manipulate and dries a lovely light grey colour which compliments the colours of the flowers perfectly.

We've tested every air-dry clay we could get our fingers into, and this clay is hands down the best.

If stored unopened in the sealed bag the clay will last 3 - 6 months.

Follow the step by step instructions in the flower vase guide to create your vases, or if you prefer, follow along with the video tutorial.

You’ll be using the double pinch pot method which is one of the fundamental vase making techniques. It involves creating two pinch pots, combining and blending them together and then puncturing the cavity to form the hole, after which you can gradually pull out the neck of the vase.

If you wish to only create one vase then you’ll have around 1.5kg of clay remaining to create a few of the 20 example pieces in our pottery guide, which teaches 5 different hand building techniques.

There is also plenty of inspiration on ourInstagramandBest of Sculpdpage to keep your hands busy.

Once you’ve sculpted the basic form of the vase you can start to add finer details and build upon the surface to create unique designs, such as the ‘picasso’ face displayed in the photos. This is where you should let your creativity take over!

Take inspiration from your home, life and surroundings to add designs which uniquely represent you. One great tip to carve in very fine details is to wait until the clay surface is ‘leather hard’ after 12 hours. You’ll be able to create the cleanest lines and marks at this stage in the drying cycle. 

As part of the guide we include some tips for positioning your dried flower stems in the best possible way to take advantage of their colours, textures and natural charm.

There’s an art to flower arranging, and we’re here to cover the basics so you get the most out of your experience with the kit. 

Three handcrafted vases

Plenty of clay and detailed instructions for creating and personalising three beautiful vases.

Locally grown bouquet

We've sourced our flowers from a locally grown and family run farm in Ohio. Each bouquet is hand-picked to ensure the perfect balance of colour and stem.

Share with friends

With three vases to make, this kit can be shared between two or three, each adding your own unique personality to the make.

Your Bouquet

Long lasting and vibrant dried flowers