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Step 1

Grab a Sculpd Pottery Kit and any extra clay bags you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 clay bag per person (kit contains two).

Step 2

Time to get stuck in! Take a look at our new step-by-step pottery guide with 20 creations to choose from. Learn the basic techniques to make your own plant pots, vases, animal pots and whatever else your weird and wonderful mind can conjure up.

Step 3

We've tested them all to find the best AIR-DRY clay - so no trips to the kiln! Let your creations dry for a day or two until they're strong and hard. Now you can use the white paint and glossy waterproof varnish included to protect them ready for planting.

What's Inside?

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Paint Sets

Pastel Paint Set

These uplifting pastel shades are ideal for Sculpdors looking for a softer, chalkier finish. Apply multiple coats for added vibrancy. A favourite for planty projects.

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Classic Paint Sets

A vibrant paint set rich in pigment. Create almost any shade by blending the colours together. The set includes an extra white to create pastel shades and a dark blue / black for mixing deeper shades and adding contrast.

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What's clay all about?

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