Natural Technique

Inspired by nature, use your tools to create organic marks & botanicals:


This technique works best if you leave the paste to rest for 5-10 minutes before drawing your marks. You may want to look and some inspiration imagery from a recent trip to be inspired by textures, forms, and sceneries. Use a variety of tools to make a range of organic marks.


Different palette knives will give you different petal shapes. The best technique is to gather a droplet on the underside of the palette knife, lightly push down onto the canvas, swipe in a certain direction, and then lift upwards. For a colourful finish, either paint your background first or add paint to your plaster mix.


Find an old clean sponge and use your palette knife. You may like to use a pencil to mark out your wave lines first. Using the palette knife side, swipe some plaster upwards from your lines. Focus on recreating a natural, wave foamy texture. Then use a sponge to dab at the waves and make them fade out

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