Create Handmade Candle Gifts for Loved Ones

Sculpt, paint, pour and gift your own air-dry clay candles, with a choice of fragrances.

Personalise Your Christmas Decor

Ditch the tired old baubles in place of lovingly handcrafted decorations, made by you. Created with a Sculpd Pottery Starter Bundle.

Paint expressive art on canvas

Our new all-in-one collapsible canvas painting kit. Learn how to paint abstract art with a choice of three colour palettes.
Hands-on relaxation

There is nothing more therapeutic than taking a big ol' wet lump of clay and shaping it into a loveable creation.

Just starting out?

Our kits provide all the tools and materials you need to make something you can be proud of.

Step-by-step guides

Our step-by-step guides make it easy for anyone to start their creative journey from home.


Perfect gift

"Bought these as presents for family for Christmas but in reality these are the perfect gift at any time. The person can create what they like when they like and make what they want. Doesn’t get any better!" - Deborah C.

Adore it all!

“We adore this brand and have found these to be the perfect gift for friends also. They are amazing to create an activity for our kids, but also the end result can double up as a gift for someone else too, double win.” - Vanessa F.


“This was such a fun and unique experience I did with two of my friends on a rainy afternoon, we decided to meet up and make whatever we possibly could! It shows you how to make all sorts of things like pots, dishes, vases and even plant pots.” - Suzanne H.

Clay therapy!

“I have found this really fun and therapeutic. I’ve made a couple of cute pieces for my new place. Would love to get more in the future and practice to get better for larger pieces.” - Jayne F.

Viral makes this month!

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Christmas Decor with Extra Flavour

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Level Up!

The Ultimate Pottery Bundle

The complete bundle with paints, accessories and enough clay to satisfy even the most ambitious Christmas pottery nights.

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Learn abstract painting

Large Abstract Painting Kit
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